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Who we are

ICCO Systems - systems integrator and solution provider in the field of security and communication systems.

Established in 1993, given that the market for security systems was not well defined, by competence and quality, ICCO Systems was a market maker, managing to highlight the needs of customer protection, to train customers and at the same time to offer professional solutions of electronic security and communication, adapted to each client and correlated with the allocated budgets.

Planned in the long run, the business has developed, the ICCO Systems portfolio currently includes, in addition to new customers, partners with whom the collaboration dates back over fifteen years.

Concerns about the security market were subsequently oriented towards its development, ICCO Systems being permanently involved in this process. In 2002 ICCO Systems was part of the founding committee of the Romanian Association for Security Technology - ARTS, a non-governmental organization, which became in 2017 an organization of public interest, representing the interests of companies operating in the field of electronic security systems and mechanics.

The evolution of ICCO Systems is representative for the evolution of the market for security and communication systems. In the beginning period, the years 1993 - 1994, ICCO Systems had 10 employees and a turnover of 277 thousand Euro. In 2021, ICCO Systems has over 140 employees and a turnover for 2020 of 7,32 million Euro. Through the offices from Timisoara and Bucharest, we can operationally approach projects at national level.

From a small company, ICCO Systems is today among the most important integrators of security and communication systems in Romania.

Professional and personalized solutions

We are specialized in designing and implementing electronic security and communication systems. Our colleagues, from design, create that solution that best meets your requirements.

Integrated systems

Physical security information management (PSIM) is a software platform that integrates separate electronic security systems.

PSIM is that platform that allows separate systems to collaborate and helps extract meaningful information from the metadata strings produced by them.

PSIM assures data analysis and helps users establish procedures, obtain different reports and perform detailed audits on the operation and operation of systems.

ICCO systems offers the Winguard software platform from Advancis Software & Services GmbH.

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